New sweet kid on the blog – Papacream

After exhausting almost all the places in town to binge, it is a big big deal each time town gets a new restaurant or any eating/drinking joint for that matter and it’s big enough a deal to even blog about it. So what’s the deal with liquid nitrogen ice-cream and why is everyone going soContinue reading “New sweet kid on the blog – Papacream”

Colour me Sky Blue today! – 9 colours of Navratri what are they anyway?

The feeling when you hear a song you love with a bunch of people who love that song as well, or be it the feeling of everyone being happy-sad while doing the ganpati visarjan each year, Or it could be something as basic as the urge of taking a picture when you see multiple peopleContinue reading “Colour me Sky Blue today! – 9 colours of Navratri what are they anyway?”

The Phantom Limb – for my 2 favourite girls!

Marriages may or may not be made in heaven but they have made my life hell with my two favorite girls who are smiling as they read this being taken away from me due to their marriage. But ofcourse as Passenger says it unfortunately right ‘You only know you love her when you let herContinue reading “The Phantom Limb – for my 2 favourite girls!”

To New Beginnings.. UnderTheSun :D

“Heroes are born in times of crises” said some great somebody and it truly makes sense, but hey what about the days there are no crises? Standing by the doorway waiting for a crises to shake you down doesn’t seem the most viable option right? The thing with us humans is that we tend toContinue reading “To New Beginnings.. UnderTheSun :D”