Expecting the most from someone you love the most – NOT COOL!!

Most of the times the damage in a relationship is not external it’s our own head which is adamant on burdening the person we love, ofcourse in the garb of love.

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The Little Cusp

We all are that little cusp floating between who we are and what we want to be.


We become fake when one perceives us for what we want to be but actually chances to encounter with who we are

Not always we speak who we are, not because we want to lie, but we feel by speaking what we want to be will just make us that a little faster

We don’t always want to be something because it is more exciting sometimes it is just because the person who we are is nothing but a bowl of mush thrown into the electric grinder which doesn’t even make noise of it’s damage

We do believe in doing our things on our own for ourselves but we always fancy the idea of someone special doing the same for us and that’s not because we love ourselves any less but it’s the feeling to be loved could be independent

We fight sometimes because we want to protect who we are from eroding into something so fragile that would be shaken up by the easiest of winds and that process we end up becoming someone who we didn’t want to be

Sometimes we just don’t know who we are but that’s also because we don’t want to stop ourselves from evolving to become something so marvelous that it’s first sample came in the form of you

We fancy what we want to be and that keeps us alive most often because once we are happy with the way we are we would slumber in the comforter which our unconditional love for ourselves offers us

Sometimes we are this sometimes we are that. We love the person we hate the most and we curse the person we want the most, no we are not fake we are just a bundle of confused emotions dominated by our principals which will eventually give us enough strength to stick around with people whom we will hate with time and circumstances.

The only way to achieve constant is to set a few principals for ourselves and make that as the goal of who we want to be and once we are that our next goal will always be to retain those principals even though our feelings change because feelings are nothing but a bunch of hormones out at the park for a fun day and you don’t know which way they will sway

So are we our hormones? because they do decide largely what we feel for that particular instance or we are the principals which stay forever but prevent us from a new kind of life which the nature may offer to us?

We are not the adjectives the world gives us, but if we like them we tend to behave even though we aren’t that way, just to be loved a little more by others than what you love yourself today

And what we do sometimes is more because our feelings drift us on a darker shore but it is only those dark stormy nights our the light house of our character will come to our rescue and bring us back home ashore

Because. . .

We are largely a little cusp floating somewhere between who we are and what we want to be.

New sweet kid on the blog – Papacream

After exhausting almost all the places in town to binge, it is a big big deal each time town gets a new restaurant or any eating/drinking joint for that matter and it’s big enough a deal to even blog about it.

So what’s the deal with liquid nitrogen ice-cream and why is everyone going so gaga about it? Is it the Master Chef effect only? Not really.
The deal with using liquid nitrogen is that it is faster and it freezes your ice-cream within seconds. Not only that the crystals formed due to it are way tinier in size giving the ice-cream a way more creamier texture as compared to your machine ice-creams or hand churned ones. Yes it may have it’s terrible effects if we end up consuming the liquid nitrogen in it’s liquid form but that’s generally unlikely to happen as it is too cool to consume it and gets vaporized in seconds.

Papacream – The live liquid nitrogen ice-cream place is right here in town! This ice-cream place is opened at a really coveted location in Churchgate just a couple of days back amidst several colleges and is doing so well that you may hate it already for the time you end up spending waiting for your one scoop of ice-cream.

But once that cold dollop of ice-cream makes it’s way inside you, the wait won’t bother you too much nor will the ice cream parlor’s miniscule size.


A basic ice-cream scoop with around 6 variants starts at rupees 100 and the toppings which they willingly suggest that would go with your ice-cream are charged at a modest price of Rs. 25 for a topping. Other than their essential classic ice-creams like Belgian Dark Chocolate and  Banilla (made with a concoction of Nutella and homemade caramel sauce) they also have some interesting signature specials that they proudly flaunt.

There are some exotic desserts as crazy as Pani Puri Sorbet to Sushi ice-cream to Mexicano which gives them full marks for their innovation.

The Ferrero Crunch which they proudly call it their premium ice-cream is ultimate with it’s taste, texture and just the way it feels in your mouth. Another promising one is the Nutella Pancakes and Horlicks ice-cream which will make Horlicks seem yummier like never before.


The Jumbo Doughwhich which was their signature ice-cream didn’t live up to the aura it generates with it’s lengthy description in the menu. It’s so not fun to eat that soggy bread on top which they claimed to have made themselves with the classic ice-cream placed in its center just above a bed of cookies which totally kills the taste of all at one go. It’s not as goey as it promises to be in it’s description and the bread once soaked in ice-cream just becomes  a total mess. And to top it all it seems overpriced (Rs. 260) so this one gets a no-no from me.

The interiors are simple, classy and elegant and love their choice of seating downstairs.


But overall the parlor boasts for its innovation with ice-creams and sorbets using liquid nitrogen and definitely some of them deserve to be tasted and can’t be ignored.

My all time favorite picks there – 

Ferrero Crunch
Sushi Ice-cream
Belgian Dark Chocolate (with some hot fudge sauce)
Horlicks ice-cream with Nutella Pancakes

Ps- The staff was extremely kind and didn’t succumb to pressure inspite of the maddening crowd and all you vegetarians, yes it’s a vegetarian place. Peace out.

Colour me Sky Blue today! – 9 colours of Navratri what are they anyway?


The feeling when you hear a song you love with a bunch of people who love that song as well,
or be it the feeling of everyone being happy-sad while doing the ganpati visarjan each year,
Or it could be something as basic as the urge of taking a picture when you see multiple people in office wearing the similar colour attire on any day.

There are some moments which evoke such emotions that it bind people of all kinds together to generate something called as the ‘community feeling’. However frivolous the source of the feeling maybe, but most likely the power of it is extremely strong and contagious.

One such moment which lead to a wave of ‘community feeling’ within me was seeing a swarm of ladies in yellow when I hopped on to the train the other day.

No one was really shouting, cheering or hooting in train but just watching them all come in different attires of yellow all dressed up, following a tradition (which is not always a bad idea!), It just gave that dull boring compartment so much zest and spice and that mundane day of going to work suddenly had something to look forward to. Everyone admired each other for the unique yellow they were wearing and there was definitely a sense of excitement in all of them which was immensely contagious even to me who was in an ink blue.

And not just the energy and joy of celebrating a ritual together but the compartment was oozing with tonnes of creativity as well as I saw women of all shapes and sizes and age groups putting in their mind to bring out the best yellow in them. Yellow with green, yellow with flowers, yellow and pink and some liked just a dash of yellow.

As we know that just before Navratri (the festival which worships goddess Navdurga in her 9 forms) we all get these WhatsApp messages telling us what colour to wear on what day, it does have a reason to it.

So here I go today just digging out a little to figure out what these 9 colours of 9 days signify exactly to make more sense out of it. Ofcourse there are different versions to this order of colours all over the net, but I have tried my best to source out what each one signifies and why?!

Day 1 – Pratipada – Red

This day the goddess is worshipped as ‘Shailputri’ or the daughter of mountains and the red apparently signifies action and vigour. and what’s a better colour to kick off this festival with other than red.

Day 2 – Dwitiya – Royal Blue

On the second day the goddess assumes the role of Brahmacharini. Hence blue of the peacock feather is the colour of the day and signifies calmness alongwith powerful energy.

Day 3 – Tritiya – Yellow

Third day we worship Durga maa in her form of Chandra ghanta  which resonated with beauty and bravery.

Day 4 – Chathurthi – Green

Goddess Durga in form of Kushmanda in worshipped on day 4. It is believed that she created the universe with the bout of her laughter and made it verdant with vegetation hence the colour green

Day 5 – Panchmi – Grey

Skand Mata holding the infant Kartik in her hand is worshipped as the 5th form of Goddess Durga. Grey indicates vulnerability of the mother which can become a storm as and when needed to protect the child from danger.


Day 6 – Shasthi – Orange

THe goddess in her form of Katyayani is worshipped as one of Durga maa’s form. The colors indicates courage and valour.

Day 7 – Saptami – White

Kalratri is apparently the most fierce form of goddess Durga, this form is known for protecting it’s worshippers if they pray to her for protection. The colour white signifies peace and prayer, hence the colour white.

Day 8 – Astami – Pink

The colour pink denotes hope and fresh start and finds its place on the astami day of Navratri.

Day 9 – Navami – Light blue

The last and the final day Goddess Durga is worshipped in the form of  Siddhidatri, she is known to have

supernatural healing powers and she appears to be in a blissful state. Hence the colour Sky Blue.


Hope you guys enjoyed the piece of this “community feeling”which got me so engulfed that I had to figure what these unity in colours was all about. Ofcourse everyone has their own versions to these colours and somewhere deep down there will be the actual reasons as well. But for next year if you see a bunch of men and women wearing similar colour clothes you know won’t be surprised or thinking that it is their uniform. Until then Happy Dusshera and see you until Blogpost 6. Adiós!

The Phantom Limb – for my 2 favourite girls!

Marriages may or may not be made in heaven but they have made my life hell with my two favorite girls who are smiling as they read this being taken away from me due to their marriage.

But ofcourse as Passenger says it unfortunately right ‘You only know you love her when you let her go, so you let her go….’

Every itch which the phantom limb gives me now,
is like a little scrape into those beautiful memories we created together.

Every sensation caused by this phantom limb of mine,
still reinstates my faith in the fact that some part of you is still with me and near.

That empty space where once my limb acted strong,
helping me with everything and never let me went wrong
is taken over by miles and miles of arid land infected by the fossils of your times with me.

I didn’t know how time flew as
together we played and our memories grew,
And just when you became the quintessence of my existence,
you were taken away by your own-self to be a limb to someone else.

Your happiness succumbed my need for your existence,
and here I am today paralysed without you,
Smiling because I know you would want me to,
but the only part of me which still gets warm at the thought of you
is that limb that phantom limb,
which fancies that one day we will reunite again,
and in that hope it tingles to an extent it starts hallucinating you,
because good people become bad habits and that’s not easy to breakthrough!

And now I had to unlearn everything that I learned while I had you,
I am  new person and have to start afresh a life from scratch,
A life without my limb called you.

It’s not the same anymore, the sand castles aren’t coming out to be as tall as they use to be when you were with me.
Life goes on and I’m not allowed to stop,
But there is pain in doing everything that always required you,
but for your happiness I have now learnt that too.


And just when I started to believe that life has been unfairest to me
by having to take you away,
it laughed at me and at that wound which was longing for you to come back
and brought you back to my life, my own limb coming back to me
But just for a day.

And now I had to unlearn everything once again,
unlearn everything that teaches me how to live without you so that I could make you feel at home once more.

And I know I will have to keep learning and unlearning how to live without you in order to actually have you,
this chaos in my head will keep my phantom limb never disappear until it finds you.

I know it’s not going to be easy to keep that wound open and not let it heal,
Only so that once in a while you can comfortably come back to me and I can live an ounce of complete life once again,
even if it is for a day,
until then I will romance with that phantom limb of yours which reminds me that I can love you the most even without having you here to stay.

To New Beginnings.. UnderTheSun :D

“Heroes are born in times of crises” said some great somebody and it truly makes sense, but hey what about the days there are no crises? Standing by the doorway waiting for a crises to shake you down doesn’t seem the most viable option right?

The thing with us humans is that we tend to push our boundaries, shock ourselves and exceed our limits when we are thrown into a situation.

Which is a good stock-photo-ancient-map-of-the-world-the-torn-scorched-edges-compass-12692464thing. Survival Mechanism.

A kickass start-up idea after having a bitch of a boss at the old job, a solo trip to somewhere beautiful after a jerk dumping you big time, a career switch after realising oh-i-spent-most-of-my-life-working-on-someone-else’s-dream, these things are all heard off and almost done to death. Even Bollywood is making movies out of it, so like they are ancient things by now, although very commendable.

But then what about those days when the sun is warm and the grass is green and everything is perfect, what do we want to do then? Probably sit with a pint of beer and succumb to the temporary perfectness around to just go with the flow?

Toiling or being restless while the breeze flowing across your face isn’t the most perfect plan for the day, right? So that’s when we lay back, loosen the shoelaces and enjoy the momentary perfectness of life which we all get in phases.

So today this fine evening when the sun is shining beautifully across the French windows of the 29th floor of my fancy office and life is seeming absolutely fine for me (touchwood) I felt like kicking off my personal blog something which I have been wanting to do for a while now. I kept procrastinating it till a time when I realized I need some motivation to start this one and decided to make ‘no motivation’ as the only motivation to get this started.

So today let’s try and do something absolutely without any motivation and absolutely without any reason. I don’t know how many readers do I have here hanging in with me yet this down the blog in the era of 160 characters, but really it’s a good feeling to do something without any reason. Making ‘No Motivation’ as the only ‘Motivation’.

So why UnderTheSun? Simple. My blog would be a window to my personality.

And I don’t like compartmentalizing my life or restricting myself to any particular genre or any particular thing. There’s just so much to love, so much to explore and so much to have opinions about so this is that space where you will pretty much find absolutely anything and everything UnderTheSun.

From latest movie reviews to throwback to some cult classics, the latest restaurant reviews to secret recipes, from heartfelt poems to crazy ass travelogues, from social ranting to just an experience which was moving, I will try my best to bring you some content here which evokes atleast something in anyone who reads it.

Keeping it short, you’ll find it all here, a little bit of me and a little bit of everything UnderTheSun 🙂

Ps – There maybe some copy errors here and there, but if you inbox me what they were, you get lots and lots of love from me and maybe a cupcake 🙂