Imtiaz’s films are like going to a rehab, you are sure to come out cured. My Review/Experience of Tamasha.

A lot of people must have read Murakami’s famous quote “Don’t you think it would be wonderful to get rid of everything and everybody and just go some place where you don’t know a soul? Sometimes I feel like doing that. I really really want to do it sometimes”

Tamasha takes it one step further where we have our protagonist going to a picturesque Corsica just to not know anybody and that’s where he meets two interesting people. Himself and his soul mate Tara (the prettiest Deepika Padukone).


Inspired from Shakespere’s line “All the world’s a stage” Tamasha is a cathartic journey of a ‘don by birth but robot by existence’ kind of a boy named Ved (which is most of us), who also likes himself to be known as Don when he is not under the pressure to live in a civilised manner amongst sober civilians. Ved that is more like an animal who talks to the mountains and drinks water from the flowing streams and his anguish is to look out for when he is tamed by the society.

Tamasha is a journey which penetrates through the several masks which our own existence unknowingly make us wear until a point we ourselves forget who we really are. There was something special about Ved (Ranbir Kapoor) since childhood and even he knew what he enjoyed until a point his real self was crushed down under the garb of ‘growing up’.

Our boy and his soulmate meet in the most typical fashion in a pretty Corsica and what they do after that was absolutely atypical. They decide to not follow the usual route of ‘chasing the girl and she falling for him’, and instead they decide to put on a mask and make sure that they don’t let each other know who they actually are, they decide to lie to each other about their identities while they are together and never meet again after that.

But Imtiaz Ali, the conjurer of emotions that he is , has another plan and he introduces us to their ‘real’ self while they believe they are actually wearing a mask.

Girl and boy come back to civilisation and the boy has to put on his mask again, a mask imposed by the society and put on by our guilt. The girl who still has a lingering taste of the boy’s madness is absolutely smitten by him till an extent that she almost stalks him and finds him again after about 4 years. But this time with an actual mask which he is donning.

They go out and do the couple rituals only to realize she loved the man she met in Corsica and not an ordinary average person that he had become wearing masks of responsible son, polite employee etc and she refuses to be with him. But what she also realises is that he is the only person that she would ever want to be with because the guy whom she fell in love with was no one else but him. She tries getting him back but it’s a little late and the boy is disturbed with the way he behaves as he is in the process of getting rid off the mask which he isn’t sure if he should get rid off.

Not really getting into the extreme detailing but from the character of story-teller in Simla to the auto-driver/singer in New Delhi all of them were so real and formed the elements which bound Tamasha so tightly and beautifully. The references of Ram Leela and other classic tales have brought in a totally different flavour to this story and have just made the story all the more relatable. The performances are brilliant and everyone seems to be in ease of what they are doing. Ranbir however is the show stealer as he makes you feel bad for him in one instance and makes you laugh in the very same moment.


Music by A.R Rehman is off-beat just like the film and could be enjoyed best as an acquired taste.

My personal favourite scene is the one where Tara refuses to let Ved leave from Socials and the persistence she shows to have him back in her life. It was heart wrenching beautiful and poetic.

For the ones who are succumbed by the energy it generates with the plethora of things that the film is trying to tell it is definitely more than a one time watch and for the rest it may seem a little slow. But it’s poetic, it has its metaphors (the robot with the heart was so real) and it has so much to do with philosophy.

What I wished to see further was what Ved was like after Tara left him in Corsica and what did he feel about her, as that would make their love story a little more intense, but maybe it wasn’t about their love-story and was more about his journey of self-discovery.

A film should evoke something in you and move you in any fashion and Tamasha does it so effortlessly and in abundance. Concept may seem something you have seen before but watch it for it’s extra-ordinary treatment and interesting presentation and just for the fact that it can evoke so much of realism and emotions just in a span of 151 minutes.





My New Short Film – What’s Next?

What would be the first thing in your mind when you hear someone say “What’s Next?”

There would be a plethora of possibilities which could define “What’s Next?” going by the same philosophy and logic this is our 8 minute interpretation of “What’s Next?” which tells you that next is dependant on where you want to take it right now.

We want to depict that in every given second, we are offered innumerable choices. “What’s next?” depends on where we want to take it now. This movie has been shot from the point of view of ‘Time’, giving you snapshots of the possibilities that some day might be the sum total of your life. Shot with Nikon D5100 with 18-55 lenses. We have attempted to use several props to depict metaphors of life.

Criticism and Feedback is always appreciated 🙂

Pa Pa Ya – No it’s not Papaya! – Restaurant Review

As we perched up on the high seats at the bar while we waited for our table, one of their servers willingly explained to us as to why was it called Pa Pa Ya and not Papaya. It was simple because this laboratory of a Modern Asian Bistro shouts out loud for  ‘Molecular Gastronomy’ which essentially is involved in breaking up of different flavours to understand it’s variations properly hence Pa Pa Ya.

With about 400 Molecule like metal objects strategically placed in the restaurant, it is impossible to not notice this carefully done up place while you are on level 3 of Palladium. One step inside and you are drifted into another world, where every little thing is well thought of, including their lights which promise to give you a new experience every time you visit Pa Pa Ya. From the placement of the lights to the concept of Molecule shape objects creating a canopy full of energy, this restaurant has dons more than one feather in its hat for being so awesome.

In normal language what exactly is ‘Molecular Gastronomy’? Well the simplest definition that I came across was – The term Molecular Gastronomy is commonly used to describe a style of cuisine in which chefs explore culinary possibilities by borrowing tools from the science lab and ingredients from the food industry. Basically how using techniques like vacccuming etc can bring out a plethora of flavours from the same ingredient. Their bar undoubtedly seems more like a fun laboratory where something is constantly happening and there’s just so much fire, smoke and variation with everything. Even though I attempted only food on my first visit to Pa Pa Ya, I was totally engulfed in the energy where their mixologists were  creating magic in their drinks like Yin Yan, the Lighthouse and the Everest which is definitely going to make me go visit to the place again soon enough.

Ambience – This place is bound to catch eyeballs even by the passer byes for the loud and confident dĂ©cor it carries off so well. The 400 Molecules well-placed in a rather dimply lit environment create a very intriguing ambience and to top it all the EDM playing out loud just keeps the energy going for the place. The place is fun, young and extremely sexy and you know you can actually sit by the Sushi bar and oggle at the Sushis being made live right in front of you. The constant activity at the bar with their games with fire and steam will keep you curious all through wanting to know what is going in there and that makes the experience all the more fun.

Food – And there are some places which push you hard enough to be written about, Pa Pa Ya was one such. It was more than just eating food out there, it rather felt like ‘experiencing’ food.

You are hooked on and intrigued within the first few minutes of getting the table as something very interesting is served before you decide to eat your food and that is the palette cleanser. The pretty and interesting amuse-bouche was offered at the very start to stimulate appetite and cleanse the current flavour of your mouth so that you can enjoy their each well-crafted flavourful dish to its T. This French thing was was made up of watermelon in lemongrass and chilli foam, served on oyster shells plated on a stone bowl brimming with liquid nitrogen fumes. This totally got me sold out on, at the very first go.

Starters, mind you are too many, with multiple off-beat options even for Jains and Vegetarians. At the first visit you can actually go on with Starters itself to conveniently forget the mains. Sushi was always slightly intimidating to try for me as I was a vegetarian and didn’t want to eat anything which would seem bland or tasteless. But here at Pa Pa Ya I was totally in game for the Vegetarian Sushi and it totally didn’t let me down.

IMG_20151107_204949 (1)The Asupara Nigiri (Asparagus Sushi) was delicious to the core, with so many flavours bursting in my mouth at the same time ensuring that I don’t end up missing the taste of the actual veggies used in its preparation. The balancing was done quite well when it comes to its flavours. Another recco from their end was the Shitake Sushi which is a paradise for the Mushroom lovers, but me being on the other side of the world which doesn’t relish Mushrooms too much I didn’t venture into that. The  second Sushi I tried on recco was the Spicy Avocado Sushi, which didn’t savour my pallet as I felt there was just an outburst of flavours and taste in it and the Japanese Mayo which they serve with it didn’t quite help me balance it.

Crispy Lotus stemAfter delving on sushi which was definitely a pleasant experience, it was time to try another starter we went for Crispy Lotus Stem (Rs 325) which was sweet and spicy thanks to the smoked honey chilli and Sichuan pepper dust, however once again I found it a little too saucy but I didn’t mind it because the the crispiness of the lotus stem was well intact. The Edamame and Chickpea Sliders (Rs 375) – are also a recco from their end, but to avoid buns in our starters we totally skipped this one.

The Som TamThe Som Tam salad was a rather simple one, but one can totally skip this unless you are a total fan of the traditional Thai Staple Raw Papaya Salad, it did a decent job at presentation, however the taste and the flavours it offered with it’s dressing it didn’t turn out to be as appealing as the other options that were available on the menu which seemed far more exciting in terms of taste and variation.

The mains were a total victory for me just because of the subtlety of its flavours. The Braised Waterchestnuts Pakchoy gravy alongwith Khao Pad Karpao (Thai Basil Fried Rice) was so flavourful and light on the stomach that one could go on having it without any effort. It was sort of a combo that one can go on having almost every second day without getting bored of its taste. The fragrance and the balance of herbs in it makes you want to have more of it inspite of stuff yourself with plenty of starters.

We didn’t call for desserts as we were extremely full but once again they surprised us with their awesomeness and we were given complementary pralines filled with coconut gooey concoction and caramel chocolatey centre which gave us the perfect sweet ending to a rather flavourful meal.

Presentation – All you instagrammers, facebookers and bloggers don’t be too starved before you go as you will find yourself trying to take the perfect picture of the Sushi served or any other dish served to you before you can indulge into it. The thought that they put in the surroundings of the place is equally witnessed in the thought they put while they are setting up a plate. The plate is colourful, well-assembled and more like something coming out right from the show Masterchef.

Staff – Courteous, polite and very smooth at what they say, they willingly tell you that Sushi is not to be taken with a fork or a spoon and it deserves to be picked up with your fingers in order to respect it enough. Always ready and excited to answer your questions about the place which you are bound to have too many, their wireless internal communication system just adds to the whole sci-fi feel to the place. The staff seems to be carrying a dollop of butter they go with the extreme level of politeness that they offered and made the dining experience even better inspite of having to wait enough for the table.

Pricing – With 4 pieces of Sushi price moderately at Rs. 200 and Starters being placed between Rs. 300 – Rs. 400, this place is more than value for money because of the experience it offers alongwith the deliciously tasty flavourful food. The mains are for about Rs. 500 and a decent dinner for two can be wrapped up in Rs. 2000/- without alcohol ofcourse. But with the experience it offers in terms of taste and variety it is totally worth it.

What didn’t work out for me was my seating which was really close to the main door and was killing the ambience a little for me. So the whole idea is to take a table which was slightly more inside the restaurant, but having gone on a Saturday Night without a reservation I knew I had to settle down for this. .

Overall yes this relatively new venture of Zorawar Kalra cannot be ignored by the vegetarians or the non-vegetarians. With that level of affordability and the experiments with food and flavours you are sure to come out with some adrenaline rush for having tried something so ridiculously different than your usual Asian Dinners.