I write.. because you exist :)

This one is not for you daddy, this one IS YOU!

There are some people who are more than an experience, 
they are a universe in themselves, 
far away from others still amidst lesser mortals like us, they look like us but they don’t feel like us.
In their kingdom words like forever are meant more than said, people are loved more than read, the relationships are worked out not cause they are desperate but because they value what was their choice at one point of time and they stand up for it no matter what. They make mistakes, they fall but they don’t stop being who they are, they just get better, a much better version of themselves, every single day.

They are nice people, they make suggestions, they don’t judge.
Their boisterous laughters are not at the expense of somebody else’s lackings, they have an eye for beauty and are always looking out for the silver lining.
Their version on ‘gossip’ comprise of stories of intense discussions of ideas and interesting stories of different tribes and far away lands. They will seduce your imaginations by conjuring up images of varied lands and interesting people, they are always looking out for life and art everywhere they go, as it is the most sacred expression of god.


Their eyes glow up like children when a native from their own land talks to them in the language they understand, but even when they don’t get you, they will comfort you enough without even making an effort, because they don’t judge, they understand. they just know one language..
Language of love.
Unconditional love.
You are bad they love, you are wrong they love, you fall they love, you rise they love.
That’s the only thing they comprehend and unfortunately sometimes they believe the world is full of people like them. 
But even when they see that the world is not like them, they don’t get bitter. They just give more love. All what they have. All what you want. They can’t calculate, but they are not even doormats. And in their universe which survives amidst us sometimes they are called fools. But what they actually are is a piece of art, the kind of art which is only meant to be admired for the laymen, cause it needs a whole lot of courage to be like them.