Amadeus – Hola Good Food!!

I was quite ashamed calling myself a true-blue townie and having discovered this upmarket culinary experience just kilometres away from my house this late in life.

‘Amadeus’ in itself was a term of discussion amongst my friends that night as we debated over its most correct pronunciation for long while we were there only to settle down at a reasonable negotiation where we agreed it could be ‘uh-ma-dus’. The term having a Latin origin, means ‘the love of God’ and well yes for the love of God this place does take fine dining to another level.


Cutting it quick, sharp and short, for the sake of ones who are not fans of reading, I’ll take you through my experience in the order of my priority of this sassy fancy den of good food  –

The Food – The menu can leave you overwhelmed with the plethora of detailed dishes they have listed, but well yes with some help of the servers we froze down on 3 things we were going to try that night and we were left more than satisfied with our choices. So if you are super-hungry and have also have the middle name that of ‘indecisive’ like I do, asking the server is the second best bet, after reading this quick fix ofcourse.

Burnt Garlic Spinach Brie and Feta Brik served with Tzatziki Relish – Yeah it takes a while before you get the name of this starter in one breathe however it lives up to its tedious name and delivers an absolutely succulent experience with every little bite of that crispy from out yet gooey from within.


4 pieces of crisp crust on the exterior with an interior full of yummy well cooked spinach Blanche blended well with garlic flavour, Brie maybe and other herbs was an absolute delight and by the end of it all we wished was for more of that than what we got, more so because it was just so yum.

The Tzatziki Relish, a dip made up of hung-curd and herbs, served with it was just balancing the flavours well and enhancing the taste of the gooey spinach finely placed in the crisp crust. This one is a must do from the vegetarian Tapas, without a second thought.

Coca of Ash Chèvre with Jalapeños and caramelised Onions – Coca meant the Spanish pizza bread in simple language, but to get into the intricacies of it the Coca which is the base for Spanish pizza is way different from the base of an Italian pizza. The Coca is more of a Barcelona product and the base is thin, not so crispy and can take up to multiple toppings.


The Coca which quite looked like one of their signature dishes did live up to our expectations and was well flavoured, perfectly baked and tasted yum. The fusion of flavours which took place on our pallets due to clashing of Caramelised Onions  and Jalapeños left us wanting for more undoubtedly and that little dash of Feta Cheese was working wonders for this Coca. 8 slices of this Coca may seem tiny due to its thinness but is surprisingly filling. The generously added rocket leaves were also giving it a perfectly new taste which one wouldn’t have had experienced with pizzas.

Paella Vegetariana  – This dish was purely ordered for the fact that ‘Paella’ was something of pure European Origin and a signature dish to Spain and also the fact that I hadn’t come across this one ever in any of the menu cards I have scanned while I have been on any of my fancy eating sojourn in Mumbai made me want to try this dish definitely.

So ‘Paella’ pronounced as ‘Pa-ee-ya’ forms a part of the signature European Mains and is cooked with Rice, (not the kind of rice we get when we call for Biryani) vegetables and if you are a carnivore then it can come with a rabbit, chicken or about anything absolutely depending on what part of the world are you in.


We went for the one that had abundant veggies and we found the affair to be just about okay, and it wasn’t something to go for at the first go unless one has tried the other extravagant items on their menu. This rice based dish was  served in good quantity with cherry tomatoes and broccoli in abundance, however the tangy spicy feel of it was not something novel something that you may miss out on.

The portions may seem small at the first go, but they are surprisingly filling and heavy enough so one could go slow with the ordering bit.

The Ambience – Classy, sophisticated and smart could be just a few adjectives that define the vibe of this place. Located at the end of queens necklace, this food’s den (quite literally) is fancy yet cozy. With grande paintings of Zakir Hussain and other such eminent personalities awaiting you right when you enter alongwith an eclectic wine cellar, this place has got the air of a SoBo upmarket restaurant. Perfect for a fancy date maybe.

Value for Money? – With the starters and mains priced at an average of Rs. 750/- to Rs.  950/- this does go a bit on the higher side for a normal outing with friends, but it makes the deal worth it with the kind of food it offers in terms of variety and taste. They have a splendid  bar menu which seemed decently priced for a place of such a kind but I happen to pass it this time.


The Servers – The thing such fancy places with serve varied cuisines is that it no more remains just about serving food, the staff got to simplify the complex cuisines to let them know of what exactly they are calling for and how the food would be. In that department how I wished there were some interesting servers which could help me with some trivia on Spanish food, the culture and the meaning of the terms used in their menu card, like I came across in another fancy-ass placed called Kofuku, however the servers here were friendly and the food would take just about the perfect time to come as it needed.

Et all – overall such places not just leave you with some yummy gastronomical experience but also a lot of information on the culture, the kind of ingredients and the taste pallet of a particular part of the world, which is nothing less than a sneak peek into a new culture. Not everyone gets it right with fancy food and not all expensive food is fancy food, but this place wins in pretty much all departments of being a great fine dining place.

For my second visit to this place I already have my menu ready and it’s definitely tempting enough to get me there real soon, so watch out for this space as I try to decode their extensive  menu to get the perfect meal yet again. Also they serve a rather affordable ‘flying buffet’ from Monday to Saturday, moderately priced at Rs. 1050/- plus taxes and that menu as well seems brilliant enough for a third visit out there, real soon.

Foodie term ‘Tapas’ – The menu card quite literally details out what ‘Tapas’ means which initially I thought just meant finger foods, but is actually had another meaning to it as well which was  a lid that was used to cover the broth that was cooked with rice and other vegetables and meat to ensure that no other additions were made post the covering of the lid and in some parts it was believed that this lid was a flat bread generally used to cover their glasses which had their drinks in it.