The Carnival

Carnival-stock3258_SM 7 billion varied souls, some in similar shades but all of different color,

7 billion different textures, some fluid some crude, but all are made of vulnerability and some truth,

They say opposite souls in this carnival attract, but the doorway says that the similar ones leave the exit more often together,

I was told not to befriend anyone at the carnival still I did.


The rules of carnival are such that most likely you enter alone and leave alone,

But to enjoy the carnival to the fullest all you have to do is lend your soul,

Some souls manage to warm you up and the most difficult ones often end up leaving their traces in yours,

Leaving a little bit of them in you and still changing your composition forever completely.

I was told not to befriend anyone at the carnival still I did.

Going-to-the-Carnival-circus-and-carnivals-20358670-1440-900You know it from the start that some bubbly bouncy souls make the perfect partners to enjoy the carnival rides,

You agree to lend your soul and sometimes even if you don’t agree your souls get intertwined,

You want to make the most of the ride so you give away a piece of you even though you know you are never getting it back,

You end the ride and the soul cries, you call  it growing up and making space for new bubbly souls,

But somewhere even you know that you are left with nothing but some big holes.

I was told not to befriend anyone at the carnival still I did.


imagesSome peaceful souls you find in corners of the noisiest shows of the carnival,

Watching out for your back in that chaotic show and they often end up becoming the friendly souls,

But you walk a few miles together most often to realize you are further booked on two different rides,

Sometimes you skip the ride to walk another mile with that peaceful soul but sometimes you will choose a new ride over that same old friendly soul,

Oh boy! No one told you sacrifices and compromises were the T&C of the carnival tickets which will make you skip fun rides the most.

I was told not to befriend anyone at the carnival still I did.


Some of these jumpy souls promise to watch out for you after another ride,

You promise them back the same,but baby you have just taken your heart for a ride!

The ride is over the adrenaline is down, you know there’s another show at the carnival to watch but the warm part of your soul begins to frown,

You know you have found your perfect carnival buddy already, but it’s too early to stick to that , even the sun isn’t down already.

I was told not to befriend anyone at the carnival still I did.


Everyone has shows to be a part of, everyone has rides to complete,

But you want to exit the carnival anyways because you are done with its uncertainty,

The forevers are just till the next ride we find, the attempts are half hearted and there’s always shortage of time.

Everyone wants to make the most of this carnival, and most just aim  to hold on to another soul so they don’t exit alone.

I was told not to befriend anyone at the carnival still I did. 


IMG-20160521-WA0041The adrenaline is awesome, so is the façade of new experiences disguised as parting ways,

there are no clear winners at this carnival and it’s fun to set your own rules straight,

So these two similar whitish bouncy souls said they meant in words like forever and together and got confused looking at so many rides there just then they spotted the emergency exit,

they tore the carnival tickets, flung it in the air, found a quaint garden beyond the carnival and decided to spend their day there,

I was told not to befriend anyone at the carnival still I am glad i just did.




Author: poojaparinda

Associate Producer for a youth TV Channel - For a living Lawyer - By education Writer/Ranter - For the sake and joy of Expression Dancer - Wannabe Lover - Trying to be Loving it all, living it all Under The Sun.

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