Trading Souls 

Let’s trade some soul tonight,

Over some beer maybe a two? 
No that’s not true and we can have fun without alcohol,

But I need to lose myself to be able to find the keys to take you through the rusted guarded walls of mine.
A part of me is thirsty tonight, to explore the darkest corners of another soul and gather some souvenirs lying there in the garb of old stories untold, 

So let’s just drop the facades of being fun, young and wild and you can oblige me by taking me through some of your not so prettiest sights.

We don’t have to make it last forever let’s just start that way,

We will get attached and break each other’s hearts, oh let’s pretend it’s all done and today is our next day.
I don’t have to entertain you,

And you don’t have to excite me.

Let’s heat up the night with whatever leftover warmth we have after a bad day,

and we can unlearn to be cool just for today.

Why friend, mother, boyfriend or wife?

Let’s give each other a new name tonight.

The name we can give to that deep dark corner of your soul where you escorted me tonight.

The name which will evoke the warmth in me even when I’m freezing in cold miles away.
Let’s just not be ourselves tonight,

Because we still don’t know who we really are,

Let’s just be peaceful being nobody in this big wide universe,

Let’s just exist, without the pressure of finding out tags owho we are,

And instead to each other we could be a mirror maybe to know a little more of what we are made up of.