The coolest new entrant of my ‘twenties’ life – ME TIME

One movie dialogue that echoed big time right after stepping out of college was,

‘College di gate de is taraf hum life ko nachate hai … te duji taraf life humko nachati hai..’

Well, I think a lot of us 90s kids will swear by this dialogue from Rang De Basanti, now that we’re actually attempting to live the best years of our lives in a cubicle, while dealing with a new pressure popping everyday.

Remember those times in college where amidst organizing festivals and setting up friends, we always managed to get time to attend that friend’s friend house party?

You may resonate to that bunch of mates, who were never really active in college, be it class or in the campus, but still had their days quickly vanish away?

It was pretty magical as the chaos of being somewhere, doing something every time, was not even remotely tiring or mentally exhausting.

We spent hours back then watching, no wait, FINISHING, sitcoms, series after series back to back each night and then be up the next day very charged up and resolving a silly fight.

There was nothing we wanted to miss out on, neither the fun with friends, nor the certificate giving, new-people meeting, college fests.

Even the lot who didn’t like doing this all, studied all the while and in the train had their fun time.

I remember being that overtly active kid of college, who wanted to do everything, be everywhere, play cupid, get my certis and also attempt to get a good rank. While doing all this for years, not a day felt exhausting or tiring.

But now even though the major part of our day is consumed by doing just one thing i.e. Work and no so many things like we did in college, all we want at the end of the day is peace. Silence. Solace. Pretty much least human contact of any form.

The time taken to travel home, which was usually spent earlier talking on the phone catching up with friends, or even relentless speed-texting on groups is now effortlessly replaced with ‘earphones’ or just looking out of the window as the wind gushing through your face, making you feel more alive after the claustrophobic air conditioner’s air all day.

A lot of texts go unanswered or some are answered halfheartedly, yes also because we are doing serious shit now, unlike college days, but I feel its more so because we are exhausted somewhere mentally most often.

The expectations we have from ourselves, coupled with the pressure of excelling due to the competition around and added with a dash of not knowing where we are going, gives a perfect blow, enough to tire out a brain which was not yet prepared for all this.

Earlier the chaos was external, so internally we were always connected with ourselves and so never felt the burden on our shoulders irrespective of the amount of things done in a day. Now the chaos is more within, due to which there’s barely any ‘quality time’ or ‘recharge time’ one gets with oneself.

Getting choosy about who you want to speak to at the end of a day at work, has shamelessly taken over the impromptu plans of late night drives all together.

Its imperative now, to sit back quietly and just look outside the window, thoughtless and quiet, for a while, as you get to your second home. Because the first one is officially your workplace by now.

I wasn’t too kicked about alot of these ‘cool responsible adult-like’ things that came in after work kicked in. But this ‘me time’ or ‘recharge time’ of a few minutes at night while getting back from work or anywhere, where I am all by myself, uninterested in the ‘notifications’ and ignoring the ‘mails’ unknowingly, just paying attention to nothing unabashedly and once in a while the music making its way sometime in the background is the most magical feeling ever.

The fact that we are now consciously finding ways to be with our own self a little more, a little connected to our soul a little more, looking for peace a little more and loving the nature a little more is for me ‘LIVING’ a little more 🙂

Welcome to my rickety twenties, ‘me time’!




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