The Carnival

Carnival-stock3258_SM 7 billion varied souls, some in similar shades but all of different color,

7 billion different textures, some fluid some crude, but all are made of vulnerability and some truth,

They say opposite souls in this carnival attract, but the doorway says that the similar ones leave the exit more often together,

I was told not to befriend anyone at the carnival still I did.


The rules of carnival are such that most likely you enter alone and leave alone,

But to enjoy the carnival to the fullest all you have to do is lend your soul,

Some souls manage to warm you up and the most difficult ones often end up leaving their traces in yours,

Leaving a little bit of them in you and still changing your composition forever completely.

I was told not to befriend anyone at the carnival still I did.

Going-to-the-Carnival-circus-and-carnivals-20358670-1440-900You know it from the start that some bubbly bouncy souls make the perfect partners to enjoy the carnival rides,

You agree to lend your soul and sometimes even if you don’t agree your souls get intertwined,

You want to make the most of the ride so you give away a piece of you even though you know you are never getting it back,

You end the ride and the soul cries, you call  it growing up and making space for new bubbly souls,

But somewhere even you know that you are left with nothing but some big holes.

I was told not to befriend anyone at the carnival still I did.


imagesSome peaceful souls you find in corners of the noisiest shows of the carnival,

Watching out for your back in that chaotic show and they often end up becoming the friendly souls,

But you walk a few miles together most often to realize you are further booked on two different rides,

Sometimes you skip the ride to walk another mile with that peaceful soul but sometimes you will choose a new ride over that same old friendly soul,

Oh boy! No one told you sacrifices and compromises were the T&C of the carnival tickets which will make you skip fun rides the most.

I was told not to befriend anyone at the carnival still I did.


Some of these jumpy souls promise to watch out for you after another ride,

You promise them back the same,but baby you have just taken your heart for a ride!

The ride is over the adrenaline is down, you know there’s another show at the carnival to watch but the warm part of your soul begins to frown,

You know you have found your perfect carnival buddy already, but it’s too early to stick to that , even the sun isn’t down already.

I was told not to befriend anyone at the carnival still I did.


Everyone has shows to be a part of, everyone has rides to complete,

But you want to exit the carnival anyways because you are done with its uncertainty,

The forevers are just till the next ride we find, the attempts are half hearted and there’s always shortage of time.

Everyone wants to make the most of this carnival, and most just aim  to hold on to another soul so they don’t exit alone.

I was told not to befriend anyone at the carnival still I did. 


IMG-20160521-WA0041The adrenaline is awesome, so is the façade of new experiences disguised as parting ways,

there are no clear winners at this carnival and it’s fun to set your own rules straight,

So these two similar whitish bouncy souls said they meant in words like forever and together and got confused looking at so many rides there just then they spotted the emergency exit,

they tore the carnival tickets, flung it in the air, found a quaint garden beyond the carnival and decided to spend their day there,

I was told not to befriend anyone at the carnival still I am glad i just did.




Euro 2016 – 11 Countries 21 days – A planned itinerary – How I made the most of it!

Imagine an absolute cinephile, having being made to watch first 15 minutes of 11 movies and not allowed to watch the rest of it.

Imagine a voracious reader being allowed to read exactly 79 pages from the end of 11 different books and is compelled to remain ignorant about the rest of the pages.

It sucks right? 

Now imagine a travel junkie/freak/obsessed/lover (Read ME)  being asked to travel 10 different countries in a span of 21 days and not allowed to do most of the must-dos at each of these places. 


I was totally against this idea of a planned itinerary for Europe of all the places. Exploring Europe through a bus coach for me was more like spending money to sit in a high-end 4D show of Imagica (Incredible India is the name I guess for the ones who have been there) and looking at all these historical places and knowing about them once in a while, but you can’t really jump in the there and breathe the air the locals breathe, eat the food the locals eat, travel the way the natives of those places do, because hell yeah you are sitting in the expensive ride and hence you are there but still not there.

Or it sounded more like exploring Europe on YouTube with a 4D experience ofcourse. And I knew even before I went that I shouldn’t expect much from this trip. It’s like going to school you know after maths period you will have geography period and after that will be literature and you know what time you will go home and what all you will learn, but you are still going to do it anyways. 

But then my love for getting out and travelling surpassed all my preconceived notions about this trip and I was ready to surrender my 21 days on a pre-decided itinerary decided by Lord-knows-who and try and make the most of what I get on this 4D experience.

And guess what?! 

I did exactly that and made the most of it but en route i totally understood the importance of a word called ‘Choice’ and realised that even in the most planned situations and predefined repercussions we have a choice. It’s horribly obvious but extremely underrated. 

A choice to do things differently or a choice to look at things differently.

If we manage to use these 2 alternatively at our convenience it won’t be too long before reaching a point where we are perpetually happy. 

That’s the thing about travelling, it just doesn’t open up windows for you to discover new things outside, but it also rubs off the junk within to enable us to see through ourselves from the inside. 

Call it therapy, call it meditation, call it rehab, call it eternal bliss, call it a fad or a latest obsession post the movie Queen, but for me traveling is the first exception to the law of diminishing marginal utility (second exception being the movie jab we met ofcourse). The more you do it, the more you want to do it. There’s never that you can be done with it.

Traveling actually also teaches you to be at one place at a time and living it up there completely. And that’s an exhilarating feeling trust me on that. 

In the world where we are surrounded by technology, check ins, multi-tasking, the i-am-more-busy-than-you competition etc it gets very difficult to be able to surrender oneself to the moment you are in and just celebrate its existence. It actually requires conscious effort to just switch off and observe the thickness of the wind blowing on your face and tickling your nose, observe the shapes of the leaves in a particular region, observe the color of beer changing with every region and observe the beliefs and values which guide the fears of a particular community. 

Travelling makes all of this happen and boom suddenly you realise all your problems with life, people and situations around you are way too miniscule for the attention it is getting. And isn’t life pretty much like traveling itself? We roughly get about 60-70 years to live, so many jobs to do, so many people to meet, so many people to hold on to and so many emotions to live by, it may not be possible to do it all and live it all but that doesnt make our lives any incomplete or less worthy of living and  don’t we all eventually make peace with whatever we come across whoever we come across and live it up in that moment absolutely instead of trying to do it all in the few years we get on earth. I guess traveling was pretty much that for me. You do somethings, you are bound to skip some, the one who wins in the end is the one who was 100% there wherever he was. 

Well before I do another 500 words on the subject I love the most, I will cut the long story short and tell you that I will be doing a series of crisp bites of my 10+1 country sojourn and tell you what managed to excite me the most in a span of few hours that I got out there. Would be more than happy for more insights on those places from the lucky souls who have managed to discover some cooler elements from that location.

Until then let’s enjoy the choices we always have, to change the things or change our lenses and ofcourse the third choice of watching out this space for more on Euro 2016 😉 




Amadeus – Hola Good Food!!

I was quite ashamed calling myself a true-blue townie and having discovered this upmarket culinary experience just kilometres away from my house this late in life.

‘Amadeus’ in itself was a term of discussion amongst my friends that night as we debated over its most correct pronunciation for long while we were there only to settle down at a reasonable negotiation where we agreed it could be ‘uh-ma-dus’. The term having a Latin origin, means ‘the love of God’ and well yes for the love of God this place does take fine dining to another level.


Cutting it quick, sharp and short, for the sake of ones who are not fans of reading, I’ll take you through my experience in the order of my priority of this sassy fancy den of good food  –

The Food – The menu can leave you overwhelmed with the plethora of detailed dishes they have listed, but well yes with some help of the servers we froze down on 3 things we were going to try that night and we were left more than satisfied with our choices. So if you are super-hungry and have also have the middle name that of ‘indecisive’ like I do, asking the server is the second best bet, after reading this quick fix ofcourse.

Burnt Garlic Spinach Brie and Feta Brik served with Tzatziki Relish – Yeah it takes a while before you get the name of this starter in one breathe however it lives up to its tedious name and delivers an absolutely succulent experience with every little bite of that crispy from out yet gooey from within.


4 pieces of crisp crust on the exterior with an interior full of yummy well cooked spinach Blanche blended well with garlic flavour, Brie maybe and other herbs was an absolute delight and by the end of it all we wished was for more of that than what we got, more so because it was just so yum.

The Tzatziki Relish, a dip made up of hung-curd and herbs, served with it was just balancing the flavours well and enhancing the taste of the gooey spinach finely placed in the crisp crust. This one is a must do from the vegetarian Tapas, without a second thought.

Coca of Ash Chèvre with Jalapeños and caramelised Onions – Coca meant the Spanish pizza bread in simple language, but to get into the intricacies of it the Coca which is the base for Spanish pizza is way different from the base of an Italian pizza. The Coca is more of a Barcelona product and the base is thin, not so crispy and can take up to multiple toppings.


The Coca which quite looked like one of their signature dishes did live up to our expectations and was well flavoured, perfectly baked and tasted yum. The fusion of flavours which took place on our pallets due to clashing of Caramelised Onions  and Jalapeños left us wanting for more undoubtedly and that little dash of Feta Cheese was working wonders for this Coca. 8 slices of this Coca may seem tiny due to its thinness but is surprisingly filling. The generously added rocket leaves were also giving it a perfectly new taste which one wouldn’t have had experienced with pizzas.

Paella Vegetariana  – This dish was purely ordered for the fact that ‘Paella’ was something of pure European Origin and a signature dish to Spain and also the fact that I hadn’t come across this one ever in any of the menu cards I have scanned while I have been on any of my fancy eating sojourn in Mumbai made me want to try this dish definitely.

So ‘Paella’ pronounced as ‘Pa-ee-ya’ forms a part of the signature European Mains and is cooked with Rice, (not the kind of rice we get when we call for Biryani) vegetables and if you are a carnivore then it can come with a rabbit, chicken or about anything absolutely depending on what part of the world are you in.


We went for the one that had abundant veggies and we found the affair to be just about okay, and it wasn’t something to go for at the first go unless one has tried the other extravagant items on their menu. This rice based dish was  served in good quantity with cherry tomatoes and broccoli in abundance, however the tangy spicy feel of it was not something novel something that you may miss out on.

The portions may seem small at the first go, but they are surprisingly filling and heavy enough so one could go slow with the ordering bit.

The Ambience – Classy, sophisticated and smart could be just a few adjectives that define the vibe of this place. Located at the end of queens necklace, this food’s den (quite literally) is fancy yet cozy. With grande paintings of Zakir Hussain and other such eminent personalities awaiting you right when you enter alongwith an eclectic wine cellar, this place has got the air of a SoBo upmarket restaurant. Perfect for a fancy date maybe.

Value for Money? – With the starters and mains priced at an average of Rs. 750/- to Rs.  950/- this does go a bit on the higher side for a normal outing with friends, but it makes the deal worth it with the kind of food it offers in terms of variety and taste. They have a splendid  bar menu which seemed decently priced for a place of such a kind but I happen to pass it this time.


The Servers – The thing such fancy places with serve varied cuisines is that it no more remains just about serving food, the staff got to simplify the complex cuisines to let them know of what exactly they are calling for and how the food would be. In that department how I wished there were some interesting servers which could help me with some trivia on Spanish food, the culture and the meaning of the terms used in their menu card, like I came across in another fancy-ass placed called Kofuku, however the servers here were friendly and the food would take just about the perfect time to come as it needed.

Et all – overall such places not just leave you with some yummy gastronomical experience but also a lot of information on the culture, the kind of ingredients and the taste pallet of a particular part of the world, which is nothing less than a sneak peek into a new culture. Not everyone gets it right with fancy food and not all expensive food is fancy food, but this place wins in pretty much all departments of being a great fine dining place.

For my second visit to this place I already have my menu ready and it’s definitely tempting enough to get me there real soon, so watch out for this space as I try to decode their extensive  menu to get the perfect meal yet again. Also they serve a rather affordable ‘flying buffet’ from Monday to Saturday, moderately priced at Rs. 1050/- plus taxes and that menu as well seems brilliant enough for a third visit out there, real soon.

Foodie term ‘Tapas’ – The menu card quite literally details out what ‘Tapas’ means which initially I thought just meant finger foods, but is actually had another meaning to it as well which was  a lid that was used to cover the broth that was cooked with rice and other vegetables and meat to ensure that no other additions were made post the covering of the lid and in some parts it was believed that this lid was a flat bread generally used to cover their glasses which had their drinks in it.

I write.. because you exist :)

This one is not for you daddy, this one IS YOU!

There are some people who are more than an experience, 
they are a universe in themselves, 
far away from others still amidst lesser mortals like us, they look like us but they don’t feel like us.
In their kingdom words like forever are meant more than said, people are loved more than read, the relationships are worked out not cause they are desperate but because they value what was their choice at one point of time and they stand up for it no matter what. They make mistakes, they fall but they don’t stop being who they are, they just get better, a much better version of themselves, every single day.

They are nice people, they make suggestions, they don’t judge.
Their boisterous laughters are not at the expense of somebody else’s lackings, they have an eye for beauty and are always looking out for the silver lining.
Their version on ‘gossip’ comprise of stories of intense discussions of ideas and interesting stories of different tribes and far away lands. They will seduce your imaginations by conjuring up images of varied lands and interesting people, they are always looking out for life and art everywhere they go, as it is the most sacred expression of god.


Their eyes glow up like children when a native from their own land talks to them in the language they understand, but even when they don’t get you, they will comfort you enough without even making an effort, because they don’t judge, they understand. they just know one language..
Language of love.
Unconditional love.
You are bad they love, you are wrong they love, you fall they love, you rise they love.
That’s the only thing they comprehend and unfortunately sometimes they believe the world is full of people like them. 
But even when they see that the world is not like them, they don’t get bitter. They just give more love. All what they have. All what you want. They can’t calculate, but they are not even doormats. And in their universe which survives amidst us sometimes they are called fools. But what they actually are is a piece of art, the kind of art which is only meant to be admired for the laymen, cause it needs a whole lot of courage to be like them.


What nobody told you about getting-out-of-your-comfort-zone.

Sunet San Pancho 03-14 (160)-710x710

Time and again we have come across inspiring quotes, articles and messages on ‘the importance of getting out of our comfort zone’ which do charge us up and make us do some crazy things, which makes us feel more alive, something which one cannot find while living in monotony and certainty.

The logic behind getting out of the comfort zone is very clear, we get out of our protected cocoon of known situations, known places and known people, whom we like or have made peace with and the moment we get out from there, we are exposed to a bunch of whole new people, situations and places which question the way we have been living all this while and also question our beliefs which somewhere have made us who we are.

different color goldfish jumping

While I say all of this about getting out of your comfort zone I don’t mean to say that that all ‘discomfort’is good discomfort or all of such changes helps us grow and evolve, I am talking about a general scenario. What getting out of comfort zone guarantees is a new experience and that could be bad or good. People tend to learn from their ‘bad experiences’ which involves in growing up which is why getting out of comfort zone is so advocated by most successful people and some wannabe-successful.

What bothers me is that, if we go by the saying that getting out of comfort zone helps us grow and evolve, isn’t the other saying also correct where we have seen people being most ‘productive’ when they are in their comfortable environment and happy? But then again ‘happiness’ is a relative term, to some happiness comes in getting out of their comfort zone and to some happiness is the other way round, so it would be safe to say that this rule of getting out of comfort zone may not be applicable to everyone as each individual’s composition is different.

So what is it that nobody really told you about getting out of your comfort zone?

  1. It is pretty much like dating two diametrically opposite people back to back. A new space, new environment and everything that you hadn’t lived with in the past and guess what? You are supposed to love it, cause you decided to date it. 
  2. You will try to go back to your comfort zone and look for doors that take you backwards, but in most cases you will just look back for relief/hope and not really walk back, cause you have decided to venture into this new space and your legs are already in this new ocean now, you might as well drown or learn to swim. 
  3. You will question your decisions every 5 minutes, depending on the kind of person you are, people like me question every few seconds. You will convince yourself to believe what you did is right and a sudden wave of thoughts will just put water on the crisp determination you have tried to live on. And this is going to happen more often than you think. 
  4. You will start questioning your identity and Osho/Zen like questions like “Who am I?” and “What do I really want?” and “Am I doing anything purposeful with my life?”and “Where is all of this taking me?” some will get clarity about themselves, the rest will just freak out big time because they may get no answers. magic-happens
  5. We are humans and we tend to compare, so you are obviously going to compare yourself to the comfort zone you were living in, and more often than not you will be living in your past than your present and a little miserable.
  6. We are again humans (and the daredevil kinds, hell yeah!) and we tend to fear uncertainty, so once again instead of living in the present we will live in the future and keep worrying  about things which are not even in our hands. 
  7. Taking a leaf from points 5 and 6, what is going to happen is that we may not be able to live in the present properly, thus we may end up screwing up with the moments which the present brings us and we will get negative again if we can’t do justice to them. The smallest of wrong things that may happen today will be a big deal for you today, but only today.
  8. You will be like that tropical micro-organism thrown into ice cold water, you will shiver, flutter and try to keep your head-up the water, until you adapt and the temperatures start matching. 
  9. You will think about days when the discomfort will end and things will be happy and stable again for you, but you will also fear the fact that what if you don’t ever regain that kind of ‘happy mind-space’ back ever again.
  10. You will basically behave like a pendulum and be all over the place. You may go and talk to the wrong people or may change your actual self to fit in, in this new zone so that you get comfortable faster. 


But hey hey, before anything else for the ones who have lasted this post until now, I want to say congratulations because you decided to do something which got you out of your comfort zone and guess what? wherever you may land up, remember one thing you have ‘lived’so much by just coming out of your cocoon and gathered something so underrated called ‘experience’ which no classroom or any amount of money can get.

Being in a comfortable place after you know you are done there is like, sucking up with your straw on the ice-water that remains after finishing your thumps-up from that glass. You are just getting the flavour of your drink, the fizz is gone, your drink is over. Get yourself a new glass of drink, maybe the same or maybe a different one.

Once again I am not debating over where can you progress better in your comfort-zone or out of it, the whole idea of this was that you may face a lot of things before you make your big jump, try and be prepared so you are not too overwhelmed when that happens.


There are ways to deal with yourself during such times, each one works differently so to each one ways of dealing differ, but what’s universal is to BE AT IT. Be there as long as you can, keep your head up above the water and once you learn to survive, maybe just enjoy the flow for long or get out once again to test new waters. Before you know it, you will be way more evolved, enriched and mentally stronger and most importantly you will be a little closer to yourself. You will get to know the most wonderful person you will ever know a little more better, and that is yourself. It’s worth it.

The formula is that there is no formula – Bye bye 2015

With each individual having a special and unique DNA how can we expect the same rule to work on each such different DNAs?

‘Things not-to-do after a break-up’

‘How to live your dream without damaging your reality’

’10 things to do in order to succeed in everything you are assigned to’


These are just a few ‘attractive’ articles doing the rounds on the internet most often telling you what to do and what not to do in awkward situations or in order to make your existence just better. And for many unfortunately they are becoming the gospel truth.

I’ve also been prey to most of these articles and have developed a tendency to open them every now and then and sub-consciously somewhere even imbibe them. What we forget most often is that each of our composition is different and it would be very rare to have the same rule apply to two different people equally. These self-help articles are not absolute rubbish I would say, but the whole logic behind not taking them too seriously is that, a common medicine for stomach ache being consumed by every person who develops a stomach ache, isn’t that silly? Some have stomach ache due to constipation, some how have due to their periods, some have it due to some cancerous cyst lying inside, I mean how can the same medicine cure all stomach aches?

To give a more relatable example let’s check this, generally the first thing in an article on ‘Things not to do after a break-up’  would be –

‘Don’t try calling back your ex’ – well that makes sense on many levels as people get too needy and act like doormats after a break-up so this is a thumb-rule which we all see somewhere get influenced by and maybe even follow unknowingly, but hey what if you need a closure, what if that last conversation never ever happened, how would the same rule apply here. Every situation is going to be different, there is no rule which can be called as universal and perfect in any given situation, cause even the situations are always going to be different. 

Another one from the same article which I found amusing was,

‘Don’t look for love again right after a break-up’ – Well maybe in most cases it is just to be protective about us so that due to an outburst of emotions causing emotional weakness we don’t get carried away and make the wrong choices, but what if love comes knocking at your door right after your break-up? Are you going to hold yourself back because it’s against the norms? Will you ask it to stand at the door because for the next one year it will be tagged as rebound? Hell no.
What feels right is right.


A general rule is that you don’t switch jobs too often it leaves a bad impression, but hey that rule doesn’t work for a person whose goal in life is to get varied experiences in very little time. Hence proved, who we are is different, what we want from life is different then how can a list of numbered rules take us a to an undisclosed destination where we want to be. It’s good to be open to everything but making something said by everyone your magna carta and living life according to that seems a little futile.

What 2015 taught me was.

Rules are going to be everywhere. Societal norms are never ending. And people are always going to comment on whatever you do or sometimes even if you don’t, because having an opinion on almost everything is a natural instinct in most of us. Don’t hate them.

But what’s important is to always remember your DNA is unique, distinct and special so what people say may not necessarily work out for your special DNA. The whole formula on anything, be it successful relationships, cracking amazing jobs or even having the most perfect date is that THERE ARE NO RULES. You messed it up you went against a norm or the rule no you haven’t fucked up, congratulations because you have tried creating your own path where you make discover new things which you wouldn’t hadn’t you not fucked up.

Yes the society will be under anarchy if there are no laws which stop people from doing what they want to. And that’s important for safety. But when it comes to your personal decisions of life there is no better inspiration than the inspiration found in your own instinct.

Let’s get a little more silent next time we are tempted to open that article with an interesting tagline, lets hear ourselves a little more and create our own tagline maybe.

And once again what I just said above works out for me so that’s my rule and is not a rule which maybe apply to your special DNA.

A super happy new year and a wonderful one to all the special DNAs reading this one. See you in 2016.

The general theory of a ‘Successful Relationship’

Success is a word which may seem one of the positive words but in reality it is more negative than positive as it becomes an added pressure making the destination more important than the journey itself.

With relationship goals being bombarded at us all over the internet and the other miniscule damage which these relationship goals couldn’t do have been compensated by the Nicolas Sparks – YRF – Dharma films, there has been an enormous spike in the expectation levels in a couple.

Love has been defined in more than one ways in several forms of art and ofcourse in some of our drunky conversations as well and we as humans generally go with the most convenient definition which suits our needs the most.

However is love enough to make a relationship successful?

Also at what given point can we call a relationship successful?

1 year after dating, 5 years after marriage, after 2 children or after 4 grandchildren?


Well to me a relationship can be called successful even after it has ended, provided it ends at the right time. Just because it has ended doesn’t make it unsuccessful as it is same with big companies or talented people. Just because Reliance closes down tomorrow it won’t make it any less successful company or if an eminent filmmaker decides to not make films anymore it won’t make him/her any less successful. Success is a constant state and not a one point destination.

The success of a story depends largely on when and where you decide to end it. 

Similarly if we have a couple who is sticking around together for 50 years with a beautiful wooden house and 4 children and 10 grandchildren, does that make them have a ‘Successful Relationship’? Hell no.

What If one of them was suffering all this while? or the other just feared being lonely and stuck around? because of which they managed to survive 50 odd years together.


Duration clearly can’t be anywhere on the criterion list to determine the success of a relationship. There are definitely way more factors that play a significant role in making a relationship successful and the first on my list would be hands down the capacity to be alone, because I believe if one can be alone and be happy then that person is truly capable of loving someone else.

My friends thankfully had wonderful suggestions like being happy, being understanding and having healthy communication as some vital elements which would make it for a ‘Successful Relationship’ for them.

In times like these where half the world is turning commitment phobic and the other half is looking down upon break-ups and divorces, the purpose of having a companion seems to have lost its mettle.

If a person decides to walk out of relationships frequently he/she is generally associated as someone who is unreliable or casanovaish, but hey if that person’s priority is to be ‘happy’ over being in a ‘relationship that goes on forever and even after that but making him more sad and less happy’ then who are we to judge that person?

It requires hell lot of guts to walk out of a relationship/friendship, it’s not just the person who is on the receiving end suffers, but then there are some people for whom being happy alone is more important than being perpetually frustrated together.

We all have heard that speech at some point of time in our lives where our family member or some motherly character like farida jalal in movies would say that marriage is a compromise one has to manage to make peace with the husband/wife’s wants alot of times to keep it going.

But my question is what is obsession of keeping it going when it is damaging oneself?


What’s a relationship if it doesn’t let you grow as a full blooming individual?

How would such a relationship ever manage to be successful if you yourself are a compromised version of yourself in it? Even though you manage to last forever and even after that.

Many people are in an emotionally abusive relationships and what’s unfortunate is that most don’t even know they are suffering it. We keep suffering because we start associating suffering with love and we feel the more you suffer due to someone the more you sacrifice the more you are in love with the person. Which to me doesn’t make sense.

If two people being together are just damaging each other’s individuality then no definition of love justifies them being together. Ofcourse there are going to be summery days and some will be cold as winter in any relationship and that doesn’t mean one has to move out of it each time it is making oneself unhappy but it is a personal choice to figure that at what given point they are losing themselves as individuals in the garb of loving someone else and then decide if it’s just a bad day in a relationship or a bad choice.

I write this after seeing how submissive can people get because they fear not having that special someone and are most often feeling like doormats eventually however used more often which makes me want to bring out this power in the open, the power of choosing, choosing to be happy, choosing to be peaceful which most of us generally have. We all have so much power and potential, we are universe in ecstatic motion and then it’s just unfortunate to see people destroying their one and only life in the name of loving someone.

Why not end it nicely and live a happy life figuring your next muse than finishing the one and only lifetime suffering because having a special someone was so important always.

It is lovely to have someone crying at your grave profusely when you die and nobody wants to die lonely but what’s terrible is dying as a person before dying itself because you don’t want to die lonely. Take your pick.