From now on – Sunday SoBo scenes at kalaghoda for the arty and fun!

Anything that kick-starts in Sobo instantly evokes an innate excitement in me, like what a child feels when he sees his mother coming home with a bag which seems to have a new toy in there.

From today i.e. 23rd October 2016, Kalaghoda Street promises to be a fun-filled and arty affair every Sunday, with more than 20 stalls depicting some niche and inventive stuff on display.

Not just that. For the ones into music, dance, cycling, skating et all the street’s a stage for you. Go there pose, click or just play it would be your perfect Sunday.

Watch out for that cute cycle stand there, which would take you back to those streets of London full of such cycle stands.

What’s a better way to cure the hangover of a drunky Saturday night, than indulging in some fun activities and promoting art?

Ps – We were in for a pleasant surprise to see Riteish in his banjo avtaar, a cute Genelia and their lil toddler gracing the commencement of this noble yet fun project on a Sunday outing.


New sweet kid on the blog – Papacream

After exhausting almost all the places in town to binge, it is a big big deal each time town gets a new restaurant or any eating/drinking joint for that matter and it’s big enough a deal to even blog about it.

So what’s the deal with liquid nitrogen ice-cream and why is everyone going so gaga about it? Is it the Master Chef effect only? Not really.
The deal with using liquid nitrogen is that it is faster and it freezes your ice-cream within seconds. Not only that the crystals formed due to it are way tinier in size giving the ice-cream a way more creamier texture as compared to your machine ice-creams or hand churned ones. Yes it may have it’s terrible effects if we end up consuming the liquid nitrogen in it’s liquid form but that’s generally unlikely to happen as it is too cool to consume it and gets vaporized in seconds.

Papacream – The live liquid nitrogen ice-cream place is right here in town! This ice-cream place is opened at a really coveted location in Churchgate just a couple of days back amidst several colleges and is doing so well that you may hate it already for the time you end up spending waiting for your one scoop of ice-cream.

But once that cold dollop of ice-cream makes it’s way inside you, the wait won’t bother you too much nor will the ice cream parlor’s miniscule size.


A basic ice-cream scoop with around 6 variants starts at rupees 100 and the toppings which they willingly suggest that would go with your ice-cream are charged at a modest price of Rs. 25 for a topping. Other than their essential classic ice-creams like Belgian Dark Chocolate and  Banilla (made with a concoction of Nutella and homemade caramel sauce) they also have some interesting signature specials that they proudly flaunt.

There are some exotic desserts as crazy as Pani Puri Sorbet to Sushi ice-cream to Mexicano which gives them full marks for their innovation.

The Ferrero Crunch which they proudly call it their premium ice-cream is ultimate with it’s taste, texture and just the way it feels in your mouth. Another promising one is the Nutella Pancakes and Horlicks ice-cream which will make Horlicks seem yummier like never before.


The Jumbo Doughwhich which was their signature ice-cream didn’t live up to the aura it generates with it’s lengthy description in the menu. It’s so not fun to eat that soggy bread on top which they claimed to have made themselves with the classic ice-cream placed in its center just above a bed of cookies which totally kills the taste of all at one go. It’s not as goey as it promises to be in it’s description and the bread once soaked in ice-cream just becomes  a total mess. And to top it all it seems overpriced (Rs. 260) so this one gets a no-no from me.

The interiors are simple, classy and elegant and love their choice of seating downstairs.


But overall the parlor boasts for its innovation with ice-creams and sorbets using liquid nitrogen and definitely some of them deserve to be tasted and can’t be ignored.

My all time favorite picks there – 

Ferrero Crunch
Sushi Ice-cream
Belgian Dark Chocolate (with some hot fudge sauce)
Horlicks ice-cream with Nutella Pancakes

Ps- The staff was extremely kind and didn’t succumb to pressure inspite of the maddening crowd and all you vegetarians, yes it’s a vegetarian place. Peace out.